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Welcome Volunteers

Our volunteers are the true heart of the Octagon House Museum. Introvert, extrovert, young or seasoned, working or retired: we value your experience and talents. You will find community here!


We welcome everyone and value your time and desire to help preserve and share the Octagon House Museum's historic legacy together.  

Volunteer Opportunities 

Public Facing

You enjoy chatting with folks, engaging with the public, sharing your interpretive skills and helping to educating others. Adding in a fun day in period costume and a smidge of role playing doesn't phase you bit. Bring on the hoop skirt, the musket, and the winning smiles.  

Behind the Scenes 

You thrive in research, collections, writing, and appreciate working independently in the background. Sharing your knowledge, organizational skills, and experience within a committee or board meeting are your particular brand of Grandma Moffat's Garden tea. 

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