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Committees, Board Directors, and Membership Opportunities 


St Croix County Historical Society memberships are open to any interested individuals and businesses.  Member dues help support programming, maintenance, operations, and events.

Members receive one free standard museum tour annually, email notifications of meetings and events, 10% discount in museum store, and spring and fall issues of the historical society newsletter.


Historical Society committees help with exhibit displays, research, interpretation, finances, gardening, managing the museum store, maintenance, technology, marketing, publications, education, and collections. 

Committee members are recommended by volunteers and staff, appointed by the Society President, and approved by the Board of Directors annually.

Board of Directors 

St Croix County Historical Society Board of Directors consists of 9 to 15 members.


Directors are elected by a majority vote of Society Members present at the Annual Society Meeting in even numbered years.  To be elected, candidates must be current society members.  Terms are four years with no term limits.  


The Board of Directors conducts the affairs of the Society.  The Board of Directors approves committees, authorizes expenditures, oversees staff, creates and implements policies for the society and its facilities.

It is the efforts and support of members and volunteers that ensure the success of the St Croix County Historical Society mission, events, and activities.  Get involved, help make history happen, and see it become a lasting part of our community.

We look forward to your involvement with one of our fun and fulfilling opportunities.


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