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Hi!  My name is Leila, I'm the Museum Director at the historic Octagon House in Hudson, Wisconsin. I enjoy long walks, playing in the dirt, quiet time in nature, reading, exploring the world, and seeking and sharing history! I've been with the Octagon House Museum since 2018, and I've served with Baldwin Historical Society & Historic Preservation Commission since 2010. History is a true passion of mine!  

Why visit us?  The Octagon House in Hudson is a one-stop shop for great local history! The house is decorated in the Victorian style, quite fancy and very fun. Each room is fully furnished with historic pieces from the 1800s.  We have history interpreters available to talk with and interpretive signage to read at your own pace.  Inside and outside, history abounds about the people, the property, historic events, our community and more.  There is so much history to enjoy!  


Our History Alcove is located onsite with the Octagon House, so you actually enjoy two museums for the price of one. Our museum store, the History Shoppe is housed in a historic building with its own interesting history to learn about as you peruse eclectic history items and books to enjoy at home. We also offer regular history programming: history chats, history walks, and living history days; these are just some of the many ways we strive to bring history to life!

I invite you to come for visit and see the old way, in a new way.  History awaits! 

Leila Renee Albert, Museum Director

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