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Behind the Scenes Team 

Costumes: Catalogue, document, research, photograph, maintain, and prepare historic costume displays. 

Clothiers: Designing, sewing, and maintaining guide and demonstrator apparel. 

Gardeners: Weeding, deadheading, planting, transplanting, and trimming, Mondays weekly from April to October. 

Tinkering & Cleaning: Assist with minor repairs, cleaning, and upkeep.


Board of Directors: Provide guidance to ensure museum programs and procedures help bring history to life.

Collections: Conduct research, document, inventory, scan, catalogue, photograph, rehome, relocate, and maintain artifacts.  

Educators: Help share history through educational programming. 


Writers & PR: Draft articles, assist with editing and design, create content, prepare press releases, help with print materials, videography, and monitor sites.  

Volunteer Coordinating: Work year-round with the Volunteer Director to recruit, train, retain, and track volunteer time. 

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