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Mission and Values

Hudson Area History Connection & The Octagon House Museum 


Our Vision:


It is a pleasure and a privilege to share history together. Our vision as champions and stewards of history is to provide a space that shares our commitment with the community we love. We hope to act as a safe space where all feel welcome. As the heart of the community, we wish to provide access to history through lively storytelling, learning and laughing together as we explore exhibits and events that help history come to life.  Truth telling is vital to sharing history and we intend to help everyone, young to old, see the differences and impact of "back then" in balance with the rich and divers heritages of our ancestors lives of old. Our shared history impacts our own journeys today. 

Much has changed and much remains the same. Through our families, our communities, and our yet-to be friendships, we have met our history, and our history is us! 

Our Mission: Bringing history to life!

Our Values: Creating engaging, creative, vibrant stewardship of our history.

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