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Stop by the Shoppe in the Carriage House

Timeless treasures!


Garden Delights

Take a quiet moment to explore our collection.

Whimsical, colorful, playful and timeless gifts are available. Find the perfect gift for the gardeners in your circle of family and friends. 

Or, find something unexpected, that brings you back to your time spent with us at the historic Octagon House. 

Vintage and Antiques

Some moments last forever, and they should. Take your time as you look through our unique and timeless vintage and antique glassware, tea sets, silver service, and other delights passed down from history.

Discover treasures for yourself, your loved ones, friends, and bring a piece of history home. 

Michel Designs

Michel Designs brings us a line of product that is sure to remain with you long after you leave our gates. Featuring lotions, tissues, and candles, each fragrant and lovely to behold. Stop by the Shoppe and discover Michel Designs for yourself.

Great Glassware

The Shoppe in the Carriage House features a lovely selection of tea sets, cut glass, stemware, crystal, and more.  Our vintage and antique glassware pieces are unique centerpieces, sure conversation starters, and distinguished examples of a time when the setting of a dinner table conveyed a story all of its own. 

 When you bring home a piece from our collection you begin a new chapter of storytelling and welcome a bit of our living history to your own dinner table.  

Seasonal Selections

The Octagon House Museum community loves our many seasons and all the wonderful ways we celebrate them. 

Our seasonal pieces offer a fun way to showcase your love of history. Find vintage decor to dress up your home any time of the year. Stop by throughout the year to browse our Shoppe in the Carriage House and enjoy the seasonal delights we'll have ready for you.  You're sure to find something poignant and unexpected for your home, loved one, or treasured friend.

Prints, History, Art

How often have you stopped and stared, caught by an image's ability to pull you in, spurring questions of who, what, when and so on? Art does that. And history provides the answers.  

   Our selections includes local art, etiquette guides, history compilations, and historic works by local authors. Please visit us in the Shoppe, and enjoy the timeless pairing of art, literature, and history today! 

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