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See the old way
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A Brief History with a Vision for the Future

St Croix County Historical Society was organized in 1947 by Genevieve Cline Day, Willis Miller, and others.  The purpose was to collect, preserve, and disseminate materials and information relating to the history of St. Croix County, Wisconsin.  The Society was comprised of community members and representatives from throughout the county. 


In 1964, the society purchased the Octagon House in Hudson.  The intent was to preserve and portray the home as a historic house museum.  The historic Hudson Octagon House has operated as such and served as organizational headquarters of the historical society since that time. 


Other communities made similar moves, thereby resulting in St Croix County Historical Society focusing largely on Hudson history.  Likewise, communities across the county formed locally focused historical organizations (New Richmond, Baldwin, Glenwood City, Woodville) and library history rooms (Baldwin, Somerset, Roberts, Hudson).  The local history repositories thus served to safeguard and share local history with and for their respective communities. 


In recent years, staff and volunteers at the Octagon House Museum requested that the historical society Board look inward to determine a strategic plan that would provide guidance in planning events, programming, and maintaining collections.  In this effort, it was determined that the historical society focus had shifted more toward the Hudson area, than the entire county.  As a result, St Croix County Historical Society sought representatives from all the historic sites, societies, museums, organizations, and resources across the county to better fulfill the goal of seeking, safeguarding, and sharing the history of the county.   


St Croix County will serve as history steward for the county.  A new Board has been created with representatives from around the county, who will work together to promote our shared history.  The first step was to create a website that provides access to countywide history resources.  Have a look at the rich history of our county by visiting



The historic Hudson Octagon House Museum is likewise reorganizing under the new name Hudson Area History Connection, Inc.  We have new branding in place to portray our new focused mission of "Bringing history to life!" at the historic Octagon House museum complex with engaging, creative, and vibrant programming for visitors and residents of the Hudson community.   Come see the old way, in a new way...

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